About Us

Hey everyone, my name is Ben, and I am an American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Certified Marine Electrician for the shoreline of CT. Every day, I get the privilege to step aboard a boat and help the boatowner with their electrical issues and or projects.

And on those days, I am usually approached by at least another boat owner who has a question or two for me. The conversation typically starts with them picking my brain about an electrical issue aboard their boat and hoping I have a quick answer/fix for them. The conversation then gets turned to parts and components. They ask me for my thoughts, opinions, and recommendations. 

And as I am walking away, they will ask, without fail, if I know of a good diesel mechanic.

After many of these encounters and great conversations with boat owners, an idea popped into my head. That idea was this website. A place where a boatowner can go for their boat's electrical needs. From buying the right charger to seeking technical advice and service. My number one goal is to provide you with knowledge and support to successfully conquer your electrical endeavors in any way I can. Above all else, I am here to keep your boat's electrical system Safe and Reliable

Owner of Direct Current Boatworks LLC