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Scanstrut Aura Magnetic Wireless Charger - 10W - 12/24V [SC-CW-12F]

Scanstrut Aura Magnetic Wireless Charger - 10W - 12/24V [SC-CW-12F]

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Aura Magnetic Wireless Charger - 10W - 12/24V

Introducing Scanstrut's Aura 10W. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, this device not only wirelessly charges your phone but also securely holds it in place.

Thanks to our Mag technology, an Apple iPhone will effortlessly magnetically lock into an optimal charging location. Plus, the front spring-loaded locking grip ensures the phone remains in place even during rough rides, keeping it fully always charged and within reach.


Designed to be installed below marine foam products, leaving a clean, integrated finish.


Scanstrut's upgraded 10W chargers are up to 60% faster and have been designed for the latest generation of power-hungry devices and apps.

Subjected to our harshest environmental, vibration, impact, and on-water testing programs.

This is combined with Scanstrut's world-renowned expertise in waterproofing technologies, UV stabilization techniques, and premium-grade materials to ensure Aura is the best and only choice to make when it comes to mounting and wirelessly charging your phone outdoors.


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